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Managing Covid 19 Risk is not a task for a cleaning service company nor for the cleaning maid. There is no doubt that Covid 19 has been the most unending word wide challenge in our times since the Second World War. There is hope. Although Covid 19 is very contagious, it is also in our reach to prevent further spread and its weighty effects. Be ready to be amused. We have done extensive research and brought up Covid 19 Risk Management Logistics to help you coming back to business. Simple steps of best practices and prevention will keep our lives going again.

We Are Certified Professionals

We are professionally trained to Manage the Risk, to mitigate and eradicate Covid19.

Risk Management- Infection and prevention Cleaning and Disinfection Training, for Community, residential and healthcare facilities according to:

CDC - Centers for Disease Control –
A) Infection Prevention Cleaning and Disinfection

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency –
How To Integrate Energy Efficiency With Health & Safety Outcomes in Your School

APIC -Association for Professionals in infection Control and Epidemiology.
Infection Prevention Cleaning and Disinfection

AHE - Association for the Healthcare Environment –
A) Infection Prevention Cleaning and Disinfection

A) Infection control and Environmental Sampling
B) Mold and Health Effects
C) The Effect of Fungi on Building Materials
D) Strategies for Mold Investigation and Sampling
E) Fungal Data Interpretation

University of Elmhurst USA
Bachelor in Science

10 Years in the Risk management Filed

We Are Open for Business Culture (OFBC)

There is hope. Welcome to the beginning of WAOFBC. We have been in this on our own enough. It is time to dust off the dust, turn the lights on and open the doors. It is time to put us together and face it and figure it out. We are creative creatures by nature.  By now we know the ins and outs of the Covid infection flow. Let’s be creative to manage it. Once we start, I m pretty sure we will keep going nonstop.

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Health Care Providers

Nursing Homes

Convention Centers




We are not endorsed by any of these agencies and we are only mentioning them as reference:

NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology

NCEH: National Center for Environmental Heath

NIOSH: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

FDA: Food and Drug Administration

CIAQ: Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality

• HHS: Department of Health and Human Services

• NIH: National Institutes of Health

• DOE: Department of Energy

• HUD: Department of Housing and Urban Development

• CPSC: Consumer Product Safety Commission

• WHO: World Health Organization

• EPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency

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