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Live Well, Live Longer

Bottom line we are paying to hinder our lives and the lives of loved ones, really. That’s terrible. Our houses, apartments our homes are constantly challenging our well being and the well being of our loved ones. Several Federal agencies are tracking this and they have come with the conclusion that definitely we are jeopardizing our health as we expend time indoors. How bad is it? Well, let’s have a perspective: in a period of five years of home inspections there was only one house found built with the main purpose of safeguarding the health of the dwellers. There is an urgent need to change the paradigm for the sake and wellbeing of your family. The Federal Agency for Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ) has brought together the research and findings of several other agencies under one roof. The CIAQ now is leading that paradigm change which aims as main and only top goal to assure the wellness of people. The main undeniable right to humans is life, and every minute is unique a priceless, we ought to relish it with unmatchable wonder. Our homes are where all starts and ends.


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