We have mastered the art of bringing up troubled units into living standards for Property Management, Asset Management, Realtors, Claims Adjusters, Residential Owners, Commercial and Industrial Locations.
In Eco Solutions we are arrow-leading this new field in which indoor spaces’ dire-conditions are approached in a comprehensive professional vantage view point not offered before. We are a professional multi-disciplinary organization. We took under our sight the endeavor of factoring in the variables and constants leading to a speedy and effective indoor space’s restoration to a functional-point under our systems. We understand that your time, resources, and reputation are on the stage. Nobody has done this until now but us. Nevertheless, there are several organizations out there leading and trailing on specific aspects of the assurance of sustainable construction. We at Eco Solutions are bringing them all into a one-picture-frame, plugging them into a complete and functional picture deploying their synergy with each other as an efficient system under the roof of Eco Solutions.

Eco Solutions for Better Living

We are missing it! Our house, our office or our work place either supports our health, attacks our body or it is on the gray lane, either or. The EPA says that we expend 90% of the time of our life -yes of our life- indoors. Any other news? Yes; we have the technology to assess how this is impacting our lives and our family’s lives. The findings: We are missing it. It has been several years pouring evidence from scientist, technicians and experts on the field pointing out that our indoor air quality can be more polluted than even big industrialized cities. So, we found ourselves in the threshold of facing an elevated risk by exposure to high indoor pollution.

Covid Management with Eco Solutions

The main global concern in consensus is: Are we safe? Our research has indicated that unfortunately the overwhelming majority of organizations do not have a trustable guide line for Covid risk management and neither a successful quality assurance in place to verify its effectiveness. We are in peril. There is hope, though: Free-Covid Management with Eco Sanitation.

Eco Sanitation

How do you know cleaning, sanitation or disinfection has been done right? Usually a visual inspection is done and then the folder is closed up. Is that all to it? Fortunately Eco Sanitation provides you with real assurance of our services; that is Quality Assurance (QA). In other words, the common “cleaning service” is mostly a dusting and non-substantial sanitation or disinfection which plays along with organizing-items to look, well, organized. On the other hand, Eco Solutions goes to the real micro world to prevent the micro elements costing you, well, your health and peace or the health and peace of those around you.

Eco Maintenance

What is that? painting, drywall, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, floors, bathroom, kitchen, siding, roofing? Yes! What is missing? Well, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says the issue is the invisible pollution left behind. It does not make sense raising the value of the property while costing in any measure your health or the health of your loved ones. Have you seen a basement growing mold as the house is getting painted? Yes, that happens.

Eco Heat and Cooling

Your HVAC plays a key role in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) while influencing directly the level of comfort at your environment, whatever that is to be: at work, at home, at stores doing errands or at location for leisure time and at sites for kids’ activities. Unfortunately most of the pollution indoors is not detected since it is on the range of micro size, so invisible for our eyes. As you invest in the maintenance of your HVAC, why not just to be sure that it won’t create an uncomfortable or harmful environment.

Eco Insulation

Not all insulations are the same, neither are the best practices used to install or apply them. There is a good variety of options and they are coming along with its pros and cons and risks which they need to be taking into consideration and to be aware of before you do invest on them. For example: have you ever known that some types of insulation in the attic foster mold in the wood-roof-sheet? Just to mentioned one case scenario but there are many more. We shall commit to provide the best solution as an investment and that also considers your health in prime position while reducing the amount of risk.

Eco Remodeling

What is that? Well, for example there are paints and green paints. There is drywall easy for mold to chew on it and other drywall that repels mold. There is carpet that sheds lots of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and others than don’t; just to mention a few case scenarios. Nevertheless, the most hindering element on remodeling is the craftsmanship. An electrician might be doing the best installing several recessed can lights and at the same time creating a source of harmful pollution for your family’s health. Have you ever heard of assuring your indoor air quality after remodeling and reducing your health and financial risks and losses? Although the EPA is leading the trend, well, this is our core advantage, your advantage and for the same budget. The solution is the Eco Remodeling team.

Eco Mold Remediation

Yes, mold hinders quality of life and health. It also eats the wood frame of houses causing great financial loss. Overall indoor mold is a peril and it is a risk meaning financial loss and loss of health and quality of life. Damaging mold is tricky to determine and the best approach overall is to assess it as soon as there is any concern before it means a big loss.

Eco Restoration

Now what? After a property damage event either by water, wind, hail, or fire the next step is to address the property’s damage asap in a comprehensive way, professionally. Our commitment: No invisible pollution left behind.

Eco Energy

For a long time now energy efficiency has become a paramount in our household’s economy; however most of the time the pollution’s footprint was left behind. In order words, our health has suffered for the savings in energy and the overall environment effect has been dismissed. Eco energy puts at the forefront people’s health in regards of indoor air quality and comfort while caring for the environment and energy’s savings with efficiency.

Eco Products

The Eco Products and Services culture is long time due. In Eco Solutions we are creating an outlet for those products and services to meet you. We are aware and concerned about the world and environmental legacy that would be left to the upcoming generations. This is a responsibility that we all share. There is already out there a stream of eco sustainability. We care for you, your health, your hope, your peace, your loved ones, your sustainability and growth.

Environmental Eco Solutions

We extend our services to private homeowners, investors, real estate agents, REOs, asset management companies, construction and remodeling companies, home improvement companies, particulars, and other industries who are concerned with public safety and health.

We take our Indoor Air Quality Assessment / Mold Inspection at a Professional Level. We perform remediation procedures. It is our job to help you clear out the mold and any other pollutants or hazardous particles present in any premises.

File You Claim

After the property’s damage and facing the upcoming uphill of restoration the next thing is having things moving asap with peace of mind that the financials are taken care of. We are here to help you speeding up the process and to make a smooth ride with the insurance company.

About Us

You deserve a problem solver with a sustainable eco-friendly vision. It is available to you throughout Eco Solutions. Peace, joy, love, health, financial sustainability, and a vision of hope for what is to come are available at your reach throughout the light and the source of light (J8:12). To procure sustainable buildings is a matter of asset risk management practice. The asset can be seeing as a standing alone item or as a part of a set of elements which influence its standing status or value and vice versa. Eco Solutions’ team brings in experience in asset risk management for 20 years in addition to experienced, seasoned, and professional staff. We thrive on researching and creating worldwide innovative solutions along with standing procedures that match up our efficiency criteria. You win and your family wins as you benefit up from our comprehensive and professional services.

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We are not endorsed by any of these agencies and we are only mentioning them as reference:

  • NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • NCEH: National Center for Environmental Heath
  • NIOSH: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
  • CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • FDA: Food and Drug Administration
  • CIAQ: Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality
  • HHS: Department of Health and Human Services
  • NIH: National Institutes of Health
  • DOE: Department of Energy
  • HUD: Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • CPSC: Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • WHO: World Health Organization
  • EPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency